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Resources for Parents


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Guides for Parents

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    Parents can now look to the Parents in Education (PiE) website for resources to help them better support the education and development of their children.


    The PiE website will contain articles on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum, and resources for parents to support their children’s learning at home.


    MOE welcomes parents’ feedback on the PiE website and will continue to update and ensure relevance of the resources for parents .




    PSLE Release: Providing Social and Emotional Support and Education & Career Guidance to students

    Providing Social and Emotional Support to students receiving PSLE results

    The PSLE results will be released soon. Receiving examination results and making educational transitions can be stressful for some adolescents so it is important to help our students manage their anxiety and expectations in anticipation of receiving their results. During this period, be extra vigilant in looking out for signs of distress among students and refer affected students for counselling support. Some useful resources are attached below:

    1. The COPES Guide to Managing Students’ Emotions

      C.O.P.E.S. framework to guide students in dealing with emotions  COPES.pdf 

    2. Packed for Transit Booklet

      10 Useful tips to help students cope with transitions in life  Packed for Transit_Booklet.pdf 

    3. Bounce Right Back Booklet

      10 Useful tips on developing resilience  bounce-right-back-booklet.pdf 



    Providing Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

    To help our students make informed decisions on their educational pathways and career preferences, you may refer them to the ECG portal at www.ecareers.sg, which is accessible to all Primary 5 & 6 students and teachers. The portal has personal profiling tools that will allow students to identify possible secondary school programmes and career options. Through the use of the portal, students can gain a clearer understanding of education requirements for their transition to secondary schools. In addition, you may use the following resources to provide guidance:

    1. Choosing Your Secondary Schools 2014

      Schools may also direct students, teachers and parents to the following websites:  Choosing Yr Sec Sch 2014.pdf 

      1. Secondary Education


      2. Secondary 1 Posting Exercise


    2. Just-in-Time Slides

      This set of slides provides bite-sized information on how parents can support their children in selecting a secondary school. There are useful websites and tips for parents.  Guiding Your Child in Choosing Sec sch_revised 2014_Nov.pptx 

    3. School Information Service (SIS)

      The School Information Service allows parents and students to generate lists of schools based on specified parameters that range from school programmes to CCAs offered.  http://sis.moe.gov.sg/

    4. Relevant Videos from MOE

      Parents may tune in to talks given by MOE officers.

      1. Choosing a Secondary School by a Principal.


      2. Finding the Right Fit in a Secondary School by a Senior Specialist, Guidance.


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