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Leave of Absence

Background Information

In support of Singapore’s regionalisation efforts, the Ministry of Education has implemented a Leave of Absence Scheme (LOA) to facilitate children who accompany their parents on overseas posting to be readmitted into their schools upon their return.

Under this scheme, children granted LOA will continue to be registered as a student of the school. Upon their return, they can be readmitted to their schools directly.

At the end of each year, parents will need to decide whether to renew the LOA for their child for another year. LOA status will lapse for those who decide not to renew their LOA application.


The child must be a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), and
  • is presently studying in a Singapore school and will be accompanying his/her parent on an overseas posting and intends to rejoin his/her former school on his/her return, or 
  • have registered for Primary One but will be overseas at the start of the school year.


Application is to be made directly to Fuhua Primary School. A nominal administrative fee of $33 (quantum subjected to change) will be charged for each child on LOA. However, do note that the quantum is subject to renew and change by the school.

Procedures for Application for LOA

  • First Time Applicant need to do the following: 
  • Renewal Cases 
  • Confirmation of LOA 
    • The official receipt and the approved copy of the application form will be mailed to the local address specified by an applicant or by self-collection at the General Office (if preferred).

Application Form for LOA

Termination of LOA

Please note that LOA status will lapse for children whose parents do not pay the annual fees and submit the application form by 30 November of the current year.

School Immersion for Child on LOA

Please write to us for placement of your child at least one month in advance indicating clearly the period for immersion (Date From & Date To).