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Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) for Singapore Citizen Pupils

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

With effect from 1 March 2012, students with a gross monthly household income of not more than $2,500 (are eligible for FAS. They also qualify for FAS if their per capita household income is not more than $625. 
How do I qualify now?
  • Gross Monthly Household Income not exceeding $2,500
  • Per Capita Household Income (PCI) not exceeding $625*
(*PCI is gross monthly household income divided by number of members in the household. E.g., household with a gross monthly income of $3,000 but 5 members will qualify, as PCI is $600.)
What does the scheme provide?

    As announced at MOE Committee of Supply Debate 2015, from 1 April 2015, MOE will be enhancing the MOE FAS to include a transport subsidy.

    BenefitPrimary Level
    School FeesNot applicable 
    Standard Miscellaneous FeesFull waiver of $6.50 per month 
    Textbooks Free textbooks
    School AttireFree school attire
    BursaryNot applicable
    Transport (From 1 April 2015)
    Students taking School Bus
    50% of school bus fare

    Students taking Public Transport
    $120 transport credit per annum

    School Breakfast Programme
    FAS recipients in primary school are also provided with breakfast coupons of $1.50 per school day.

    IDA's NEU-PC Plus Programme

    Schools can help students from low-income households to own a new computer at a subsidised price through IDA’s NEU PC Plus Programme.  For details about the NEU PC Plus programme, please visit www.ida.gov.sg/neupc or contact Tel: 6684 8858.

    NTUC Income Family Micro-Insurance Scheme (IFMIS)

    NTUC Income provides a free insurance scheme to cover the parent/guardian who applied for and is granted MOE Financial Assistance for his child/ward who is studying in a primary school.    Under the NTUC Income Family Micro-Insurance Scheme (IFMIS), if the parent/guardian of the child/ward passes away or becomes totally and permanently disabled, the family is eligible for a S$5,000 payout, subject to terms and conditions of the Scheme.

    For more information on IFMIS, click to download the leaflet “A Little Means A Lot: Income Family MicroInsurance Scheme (IFMIS)”.

    For more details on IFMIS, please visit www.income.com.sg/IFMIS/index.asp or contact via telephone at 6332 1133.

    Community-based Financial Support

    Schools can also refer students from families in need to the Community Development Councils and other voluntary welfare organisations that operate in partnership with Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and National Council of Social Service for other forms of support or assistance.

    Edusave Pupils Fund

    Each student receives an annual Edusave contribution of $200 at primary level and $240 at secondary level. The Edusave account can be used to pay for approved fees and enrichment programmes.

    Edusave Grant

    Schools also tap on the Edusave Grant to organise enrichment programmes and to better provide for the learning needs of their students.

    Trips for International Experience Fund

    Schools can tap on the Trips for International Experience Fund to send their students to overseas learning programmes.

    Edusave Character Award

    To emphasize the importance that MOE places on nurturing students with good values and character, MOE introduced the new Edusave Character Award this year to allow schools to also recognise Singaporean students who have consistently demonstrated exemplary values and civic responsibility. The Edusave Character Award is equal in monetary value to the Edusave Scholarships.

    Should you require more information with regards to any of these schemes or have further queries, please feel free to approach the school directly.

    Brochure on Schemes Supporting Singapore Students