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Tamil Language


Every child, learning the Tamil Language, is an effective communicator, avid reader and proficient writer.


To inculcate love for the Tamil language and culture through meaningful learning experiences.

Teaching Approach

Developing  confident speakers through listening
Pupils will be motivated to speak in Tamil Language through constant role modelling in class. Opportunities will be created for them to express themselves confidently. Pupils will realise the importance of speaking in Tamil Language through interactive classroom activities.
Nurturing avid readers and proficient  writers
When the pupils develop the love for reading they would be more confident in writing. Programmes such as ‘Assembly Reading’ and ‘Reading with Parents” will ignite the interest in reading. Reading articles provided to them are designed to give them as much exposure as possible. Exposure to reading would help the pupils to pick up their own style of writing.
Teaching Tamil Language by maximising the potential of each child
Activities and programmes designed for the pupils will help to maximise the potential of each child. Opportunities will be created for every child to exhibit their talents. 

Use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning of Tamil Language

P1 and P2
Every P1 and P2 pupil is taught to use the 10’ T Sigaram portal that helps to enhance his/her reading and speaking skills through regular self-paced learning activities in an enriching web-based interactive environment. The lessons are ICT-based. Not only do they focus on authentic language use but also facilitate independent and differentiated learning amongst pupils. It aims to promote student’s interest and improve their competencies in language.
P3 to P6
Web tools such as ‘Vocaroo’ and ‘VoiceThread’ are used by pupils to record their weekly reading. Pupils also access an online learning portal to do enrichment exercises. Every pupil from P3 onwards has been taught Tamil Touch Typing.

Useful Resources