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Chinese Language

How happy we are to have friends from afar! – Confucius.
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Fuhua Primary School 5 Days Educational Trip For International Experience to Shanghai (18/09/2012---23/09/2012)

In our effort to expose our Higher Chinese Language pupils to the rich language and cultural environment through overseas study trip, our Fuhua Primary School Chinese Language department organized 5days educational trip for international experience to Shanghai, China, for the selected Primary 5 Higher Chinese pupils.

The nature of this trip allows the pupils to take on the young journalist role and to participate local school’s lessons focusing on writing skills.
Pupils also visited the sites which have rich heritage and historical values, e.g the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Municipal history Wax Museum, Sun Yat-Sen Former Residence.


Through the trip, our 15 Fuhua Gems shown their initiative to develop skills and cultivate values like self-reliance, independence, bonding with fellow schoolmates and also foster team camaraderie.


After coming back, they will be provided opportunities to form Fuhua Chinese Department termly newsletter publication team and they will do sharing with FHPS pupils about their learning experiences.


Mother Tongue Fortnight programme

The objective of MT Fortnight is to create a conducive environment to promote MTL usage and learning outside MTL class and school.

The MT Fortnight for year 2012 was held from week 2 of term 3. It aims to open the eyes of our pupils to their responsibility as stewards of our culture and resources". Toward the end, our fortnight will integrate cultural rediscovery and environment education into a fun, challenging, and comprehensive education programme.
These activities were held during the fortnight.


Chinese Calligraphy for primary 5 students


Chinese Chess for primary 4 students


Chinese Tea appreciation for primary 6 students

Teaching Approach

Listen and Speak More                                 
More opportunities for listening and speaking will be created to encourage your child to express himself or herself. Through engaged participation in classroom activities, your child will find learning more meaningful and develop a strong foundation in oral communication.
Recognize Characters Effectively
Your child will learn useful strategies to help them recognise and remember characters effectively, and to adapt these strategies in learning new characters to suit his or her needs.
Follow on with Reading and Writing
Character recognition facilitates early reading and motivates your child to learn the language well. Your child will learn scriptwriting at the lower Primary levels and gradually pick up essay writing skills at the higher Primary levels.
Enjoy Learning Chinese Language
CL learning will be made enjoyable to help your child develop an abiding interest in the language. He or she will be encouraged to learn the language to the highest possible level.

Useful Resources

  1. PSLE Approved Dictionary List 
    Pupils are allowed to use approved Chinese dictionaries or electronic dictionaries when they are sitting for Mother Tongue Paper 1. Please click the following link to see the Approved Dictionaries List. http://www.seab.gov.sg/dictionaryList/2012GCENOADictList.pdf

  2. Digital Instructional Resources (DIR) for the new CL Curriculum
    Oracy eLand http://eland.edumall.sg
    Xue Le http://xuele.edumall.sg/xuele/slot/u107/index1.html
    Number of websites for parents and students to access the digital instructional resources used in the teaching and learning of CL in school. Except for the section containing pictures, videos and animations, resources corresponding to the various parts of the textbook are available for access.

  3. Happy Town
    A Chinese website for pupils to learn Chinese Language in a fun and interactive way. A highlight is the feature of pupils’ written and creative works, such as “story-relay”, “WIKI Q&A”, “Photo blog” etc. The website is updated on every 6th, 16th and 26th of the month.

  4. Recommended CL Supplementary Readers 2008 (Updated version)
    A shortlist of books was first drawn up by established publishers and teachers who have been active in promoting student reading programmes in school. The selected books were then sent to the Curriculum Planning and Development Division and Singapore Chinese Supplementary Readers’ Council for approval and official recommendation.

  5. Free Online Listening Resources (corresponds with exercises and reading material in print version)

  6. Free Online Listening Resources Archive