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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

To equip our pupils with an excellent understanding of Mathematical concepts, an excellent mastery of Mathematical skills and processes to enable them to find solutions to authentic real-life problems and to prepare them for the higher learning of Mathematics.

Overview of Math Programme@Fuhua

“Math@Fuhua is not just a subject, it is a passion.”

Here at Fuhua Primary School, Mathematics instruction is distinct because:
  • Programme is pupil-focused and ability-driven
  • Problem-solving is based on Polya’s four-stage problem-solving model
  • Math Concepts and Skills are taught through engaging hands-on activities in small groups or in pairs
  • Math Thinking Skills and Heuristics are taught to pupils systematically from P2 onwards, hinged on the “Spiral Approach”
  • Opportunities to apply the Math Process Skills learnt is provided when they work on word problems in the following:
    • My Pals are Here! Math Workbooks and Homework Books
    • “On Sponge” Assessment Books for P3-P6 High-Ability pupils
    • Differentiated worksheets catered to pupils’ ability level
    • Customised teacher-designed lesson packages such as “ALPHA-FLIGHT” lesson packages for High-Ability P6 pupils

Bringing Math to Real-Life Situations

Our pupils are provided with opportunities to apply Math concepts, skills and processes learnt to real-life situations via the following:

Math Trails for P1 and P2

Maths Trail.JPGMaths Trail 2.JPG

Wireless Math Trail for P6

Wireless Trail.JPGWireless Trail 3.JPG

Strengthening and Stretching the Young Minds

Our school provides enrichment courses for our High-ability pupil through the following:
  • Think-Tank Programme organised for P6 pupils
  • Selected P5 and P6 pupils attend the Olympiad enrichment courses and training workshops to sharpen their problem-solving skills, computation skills and number sense so as to prepare them for the International Math Competitions such as National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore, SMOPs, and Mathlympics

Bridging the Gap for Parents

Parents are a vital component in helping pupils and so we strive for excellent working relationship with our stakeholders through the following:
  • “Strategies for Teaching Weak Learners" LSM workshop for parents to introduce to them the LSM Program and equip them with the requisite skills to support their children in the learning of Mathematics at home
  • Parents Seminar – a workshop for parents with the aim of helping parents help their child

Fun Learning in School (Math Corner)

Our school has allocated a special area for pupils to learn Mathematics through fun games during their recess

Maths Corner 2.JPGMaths Corner 3.JPG

Snap-shots of Pupils@Work

P1 Performance Based Assessment

P1 Performance Task.JPG
P2 Performance Based Assessment

P2 Performance Task.JPG