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Environmental Education


Environmental Education


Everyone, a socially responsible and environment-friendly individual


To nurture responsible individuals who are active in conserving the environment and enhancing the well-being of the community.


Intent / Rationale

To build a school based EE curriculum aligned to the school core values and CCE outcome with a purpose of nurturing student’s character and cultivating responsible citizens.


The Environmental Education (E2) framework encapsulates the school's drive towards Green education.  We will be guided by the vision for every pupil from Fuhua Primary to be the beacon for our people, partners and purpose as drivers/enablers for E2. The Department’s trust will therefore focus on Engaging Our People, Leveraging on Our Partners and Impacting Our Environment respectively.

Given that our people, pupils, teachers, administration staff and support staff will be the ones who can make a difference to our environment, engaging them to the cause is fundamental to achieving the E2 vision. Our partners, bring with them knowledge, skills and resources which are critical.  Collaboration with government agencies, institution of higher learning, MNCs brings all our E2 efforts a notch higher. All our efforts are thus positioned to impact our environment holistically.

Central to the E2 framework is our ability to impart the necessary, relevant and correct knowledge/information concerning our environment. This will be achieved by leveraging on our “Head, Hand and Heart” approach. With the Head focused on amassing the wealth of knowledge residing within our people and partners, the Hand component will provide the platform for them to enjoy experiential learning through conservation efforts. We believe that these will then pave the way to win commitment and ignite the passion towards Green efforts. This is the Heart component. 

Finally, the 3R symbol reflects our commitment to propagate the universal message of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” in all our efforts.

The entire E2 framework is superimposed on Mother Earth to signify our global outlook. This will reinforce the duty of our people to carry out this responsibility globally, wherever their lives bring them to.



EE Programme at-a-glance

Key Focus Level Beyond the curriculum (C.I.P) Within the curriculum Values Ed








Hand: [Conservation]

Pri 6

·         GEMs Market

Sales of 2 nd hand items after psle

·         Pasir Ris mangrove swamp litter picking

·         Constructed Wetland in-house lesson

Conservation of wetland community

Enterprise, care, respect, integrity

Pri 5

·         Terrarium outreach workshop to parents during Shine@fuhua


·         Build a mini-terrarium

Water conservation efforts

Integrity, care, respect

Pri 4

·         Mozzie Busters

To do a booklet activity on dengue prevention and reach out to adult for endorsement


·         Mozzie Busters

Research on the Aedes mosquitoes



Care, respect, perseverance, integrity

Pri 3

·         Self-watering bottled plant to Jamiyah Home for the Aged

Emphasize on dengue prevention

·         Self-watering bottled plant

Make and do art design on plastic bottles


Care, respect, perseverance

Pri 2

·         Grow-a-plot

Grow a plot using Garden Racks

·         Learning Trail @ National Orchid garden

Care, respect, perseverance

Pri 1

·         Adopt-a-plot

Classes schedule to do weeding once every fortnight.

·         Learning Trail @ Jacob Ballas

Care, Respect, perseverance