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Effective Language Users in Teaching and Learning.


Critical and Creative Thinkers, Effective Communicators and Collaborators 


  • Create: Provide opportunities for productive and meaningful usage of the language in various contexts
  • Equip: Building learners’ and facilitators’ competencies in learning and teaching of the language

Overview of English Language Teaching and Learning


Implementing the Curriculum

§  The teaching of English Language anchored on the STELLAR progressive curriculum and pedagogies

§  Yet mapped against the trans-disciplinary themes

§  With integration of ICT to enhance learning experiences




Catering to Different Students

We believe that the building blocks of English Language acquisition begin with listening and speaking (oracy). Thus oral communication should be pervasive at all level i.e show-and-tell, drama, group or individual presentations and through the implementation of STELLAR Curriculum. The focus at Lower Primary is to build a strong foundation at Primary 1 and 2 in reading fluency, comprehension and viewing skills. Students are also supported by Learning Support Programme to level up their basic literacy skills. As students move into middle and upper primary, extensive and intensive reading programmes are implemented to strengthen the love for reading and introduce a wider range of text types. Therefore, different programmes are implemented to cater to the needs of our Fuhua students.