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Art Club


The Art Club is a platform for students to express themselves and communicate through ideas.

Our objectives are to encourage creativity, uniqueness, individuality and perseverance.

Through art projects, the Art Club also strives to teach our students life skills, including the “Art Of Patience”, self-responsibility, using their initiative and imagination, trying new things, exploring and teamwork.

Through hours of practice to hone their craft, students learn to be more discipline and grow their confidence in creating excellent art pieces.

Students in the Art Club are exposed to the use of a variety of materials and tools, techniques to create both 2D and 3D art pieces.

The art teachers and mentors will always continue to nurture and develop the wonderful spirit of creative exploration in our students.

Schedule: Thursdays, 7.30 am - 9.30 am

Duration: 2 hours / Session

Venue: Level 1, Art Room 1 & 2

Teachers-in-Charge: Mr Abdul Malik Mazlan, Ms Ler Jia Yi, Mdm Aslinda and Mdm Ivy Chia

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