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Our Achievements of 2018

We are pleased to share with you our school’s achievements in 2018. We would like to congratulate our teachers, staff and students who have contributed to the achievements and made us all proud. We welcome your feedback and contribution of content, photographs and videos to this sharing.

National Primary Games Creation & Coding Competition 2018

On 29th August 2018, 9 students from P5 Trust represented our school in the National Primary Games Creation & Coding Competition (NPGC3) 2018, Minecraft Category. The theme for this year’s competition is SMART NATION – Kids Can Make A Difference Too. With only 2 weeks to prepare, both teams put up an impressive presentation to the judges, using Minecraft software to create what they envision to be the SMART NATION of the future. After intense competition, Team 2 (comprising of Tan Li En Janelle, Lee Hui Yi, Lim En Qi Hannah, Thun Kyalsin Soe and Samantha Huang Xuan) emerged First Runner-Up. The highlight of their project is a teleportation system that will enable the elderly to move to places such as the supermarket, to do their grocery shopping.



Virtual Reality Game That Teaches Children To Save Energy

On 4th August 2018, our Fuhua Gems are featured in Ministry of Environment, Water and Resources (MEWR) social media post on the use of Virtual Reality game to promote awareness on energy saving among the younger generation. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1986189864765559&id=219808688070361. Check out Energy Warriors, a new virtual reality game by the National Environment Agency (NEA) that teaches children how to save energy. Level up your Energy Warrior by correctly identifying energy-efficient devices or turning off appliances to reduce energy consumption! It is a great way to teach children how to take climate action. The game is available for loan to all primary schools. For enquiries, please contact yeo_wee_kay@nea.gov.sg.


Avvaiyar Vizha 2018 Literary Competitions

Sathish Sharvesh from P4 Care and Kaisar Ali Ikram Mohammed from P4 Hope each won a prize in Avvaiyar Vizha 2018 Literary Competitions, held in conjunction with our celebration of the great female Tamil Poet, Avvaiyar on the 29th July 2018. This competition was organised by the Tamil Language and Cultural Society (TLCS). In line with our nation's emphasis on listening, speaking and reading skills, these literary competitions provide students with a firm foundation in the Tamil language.

National Primary School Photography Competition

This year, Fuhua Primary School organized the 8th edition of the National Primary School Photography Competition. In alignment with Singapore’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Climate Action, the school reviewed the environmental education programme and aligned with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030, focusing specifically 6 out of the 17 goals which emphasizes sustainable living. As such, the theme for this year’s National Photography Competition is "Sustainable Singapore".

For this year’s competition, two new categories were added. They were the Photojournalism category and the People’s Choice Award. For the Photojournalism Category, it focused on photography ethics and story-telling. The participants will need to demonstrate the “know-how” of initiating a photo-documentary. For the People’s Choice Award, the intent is to recognize the voices of the participants as they are able to vote for the non-winning entries of their peers.

A total of 249 students from 42 schools have submitted their entries for the competition. Two of our school’s participants, Sio Koon Seng Zavier (P4 Diligence) and Rohan Srivatsav Palakurthi (P6 Care) did us proud by winning the Budding Photographer Category and a Merit Prize in the Open Category respectively.


Our Guest-Of-Honour for the prize presentation ceremony was Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. After the ceremony, he visited our Makers’ Studio and the Green Workshops which we hosted for the student participants. He complimented our school’s efforts in promoting sustainability and creating awareness in the community.


Tamil Internet Conference

Mdm Riswaana Tasnim, SH/TL presented her paper on 'Leveraging on technology for meaningful assessment‘ at the 17th Tamil Internet Conference held at the Tamilnadu Agricultural University Campus, Coimbatore, from the 6th to 8th July 2018. She presented on how the Tamil teachers in Fuhua have been using Technology to assess students, identify misconceptions and close the learning gaps.


Junior Sports Academy (JSA) Programme

Our school would like to congratulate the following pupils who have been selected to participate in the Junior Sports Academy (JSA) Programme starting July 2018: Dylan Ong Jing Kang (P4 Care), Noorhafiy Haidel Bin Noorhaziq (P4 Loyalty), Goh Xuan (P5 Diligence), Tong Wan Ying (P5 Hope), Syed Mohamed Tharik (P5 Care). MOE takes a long-term perspective towards developing children’s sporting talent as part of holistic education. The JSA programme enables primary school students to discover their sporting strengths and passion through a broad-based physical sports programme, and subsequently commit to a sport with more targeted support from schools and relevant sports organisations.

Achievements in Poetry Competitions

Our Gem, Tong Wan Ying (P5 Hope) clinched the JAL Grand Award (Category B) for the biennial 15th World Children's Haiku Contest 2017/18 with the theme ‘Living Things’. Originating from Japan, Haiku is the shortest form of poetry in the world. Through the contest, children were given the opportunity to compose haiku reflecting their pleasant childhood memories or simply beauty of nature.

Ryan Chia (P6 Loyalty) also emerged winner of the On-the-spot Poetry 2018 Competition with the theme ‘Reflecting on Nature’, organised by Singapore Botanic Gardens on 26th May 2018, in conjunction with SG Poetry Festival.

Well done, Ryan Chia and Wan Ying, for your commendable achievements! 



Fuhua Community Service

On 24 May 2018, our 25 students from Green Club Champions went to neighbouring Blocks in Jurong East to spread the message on the importance of “Mozzie Wipeout”. This is an annual collaboration with Southwest CDC Green School Programme to promote the five steps “Mozzie Wipeout”. Green Club Champions took time to explain to the residents on how to carry out the five steps and check for mosquito breeding. Well done, Gems, for this community outreach programme!


Under the Value-In-Action (VIA) Programme, our P4 students had the opportunity to interact with the pioneer generation within the community. They spent time to put up performances, play games and converse with them. They certainly brought smiles to our seniors' faces. Kudos, Gems! The school would like to thank Mdm Nurul Huda Jumaat and Mdm Nurul Ain Suprat for making this programme possible.



Innergy Awards (Schools), 6th iCTLT Conference

Our team of teachers comprising Mdm Qin Mi, Ms Ge Yan, Mdm Tian Yuan, Ms Lee Xiao Tian, Mdm Wu Juan Juan, Ms Lauren Teo Ruolan won the Innergy Awards (Schools) which was presented at the 6th iCTLT Conference in May 2018. MOE administers the annual Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Awards to recognize project teams and individuals who brought about significant benefits to stakeholders through their innovation efforts.


Learning to read and write the Chinese characters (Hànzì) is particularly challenging for students because it consists of thousands of complex characters, and each character represents both sound and meaning. To help them master Hànzì, our team of teachers has designed a blended-learning style of Hànzì learning package using a series of interactive video lessons. These interactive videos showcase 50 basic Hànzì selected from creditable corpus were uploaded onto an online platform for students so that they can learn at their own pace.

Poster Presentation @ iCTLT 2018 on Narrative Writing on Student Learning Space (SLS)

As a pilot school for the Student Learning Space (SLS), Primary 4 English Language teachers were invited to present our findings at the iCTLT 2018 conference held at Resort World Convention Centre on the 30th June 2018. The poster presentation, showcased to both local and overseas educators, highlights the use of SLS to enhance students' interactions with content, with peer and with teacher through the use of technology in the skill area of writing a narrative text. In the process, teachers have gained fluency in planning and executing ICT enhanced lessons through SLS. 

The students have also amazed us through their quick adoption of technology and readiness to learn through different platforms.


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Achievements

The Fuhua Brass Band, which is one of the Music Performing Arts CCA offered in the school, provides opportunities for P4 to P6 students to learn various brass and percussion instruments.  Our band members showed their commitment to excellence in their performances and their efforts were paid off by obtaining a Certificate of Accomplishment at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2018.


The Fuhua Contemporaries is an up and coming Dance CCA in the school. Our Dance Club consists of twenty-eight, young and passionate P4 to P6 students. Under the tutelage of our new coach, the dancers had attained Certificate of Accomplishment at the SYF Arts Presentation 2018. We are truly proud of their achievement and efforts.


In Fuhua Ethnic Dance, students learn to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of different ethnic dances. This year, Ethnic Dance has attained Certificate of Accomplishment at the SYF Arts Presentation 2018 with their dance piece titled “Jasmine Flower” (“茉莉花”).   During their practices, students has, through teamwork and perseverance, surmounted difficulties in order to succeed.


Our Fuhua Guzheng Ensemble achieved the Certificate of Commendation at the SYF Arts Presentation 2018. Established as a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) only in January 2017 our students have not only learnt to play the Guzheng but also teamwork, concentration and perseverance.


Fuhua Voice Ensemble received a Certificate of Commendation at the SYF 2018. The ensemble is one of school’s music performing CCA. Our P3 to P6 students trained intensively under the tutelage of their conductor. The choir has since been performing in various events in and out of school as well as participating in every SYF season.



Frank Cooper Sands Award

The Chief Commissioner of The Singapore Scout Association has presented our Boy Scouts with the Gold Award - Cub Scout Section, the pinnacle award for the Frank Cooper Sands Award 2017 on 26th April 2018 for the 7th consecutive year. The Frank Cooper Sands Award, also known as the Best Unit Competition, is awarded annually to scout units for unit excellence.


J M Fraser Award for Excellence

Our Boys’ Brigade (BB) achieved the Bronze Honour Roll Award in the J M Fraser Award for Excellence 2018 (Year of Assessment 2017). This award recognises the BB Company’s achievements in the area of administrative and operational efficiency. Our P6 Boys’ Brigade also achieved the 1st Runner Up position for the Boys’ Brigade Adventure Quest (BBAQ) 2018, an adventure race to promote characteristics of adventure, teamwork, endurance, fighting spirit and winning through fair means.


Girls’ Brigade Singapore Company Award & Brigade Fortnight Top Award

Not to be outdone, our Girls’ Brigade, Singapore 14th Company, has achieved the coveted Gold for the Girls’ Brigade Singapore Company Award 2017 and also the Gold for the 2017 Brigade Fortnight Top Award (Top Ten Companies Category).  They were presented these awards by Mr Sng Chern Wei on 14th April 2018, Deputy Director-General of Education (Curriculum), MOE.


Speak Up! Kids Competition

Our Gems from the Literary Club who took part in the Speak Up! Kids Competition in April this year emerged CHAMPION and received their awards earlier today. Ryan Chia of P6 Loyalty, Nurani Kaseh of P6 Care and Nusayer Muttaqi Mojumder of P6 Respect impressed the judges with their eloquent and splendid presentation. Kudos, Gems!



Hong Kah Secondary School Sports A.L.I.V.E Carnival 2018

Our Football Teams took part in the Hong Kah Secondary School Sports A.L.I.V.E Carnival 2018 on 27th March 2018. Our girls were crowned champion while the boys has emerged runner up! Well done, Gems for your achievements.


Tamil Language Spelling Bee Competition

Our students, Sathish Sharvesh and Vijayakumar Aishwariya (both from P4 Care), Giriraj Gautham (P5 Hope) and Kumar Saraniya (P5 Trust) took part in Spelling Bee Competition organised by Mediacorp. Our students progressed into the quarter finals, emerging top 20 out of 82 participating schools. They were presented with trophies and certificate of participation by Mr Vikarm Nair, Member of Parliament on the 24th March 2018 at Singapore Institute of Technology. 



53rd RELC International Conference

At the 53rd RELC International Conference (12th to 14th March 2018), Dr Rachel Lee (Level Head/Special Projects (Language), Mdm Nurul Ain and Miss Foo Yingting conducted a workshop, Teaching Writing as Process: Ideas in the Primary Classroom in collaboration with Dr Rachel Goh, a teacher fellow from the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, NIE. In addition, Dr Rachel Lee and Miss Foo Yingting presented findings of their intervention ‘The Use of Self-Regulated Strategy Development Instruction with Struggling Primary School Writers’. The intervention, which focused on helping students improve in writing fluency, has produced positive results.


Lim Hng Kiang Challenge Trophy

Organised by Telok Blangah Community Centre, Vallavaraj Haretha from P3 Diligence has progressed from the semi-finals to the finals of the Lim Hng Kiang Challenge Trophy which will be held at the end of March 2018 for the story telling competition.

World Water Day

Our student, Saravanan Meyyappan has the privilege of presenting a water droplet to our President, Madam Halimah Yacob, in the launching of the World Water Day at Marina Barrage on 3rd March 2018 (see pictures below).


Our Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, presented the plaque and a Certificate of Appreciation to our school for supporting World Water Day 2018. Our Environmental Education Ambassadors set up a booth at Marina Barrage to showcase our  P3 Environment Education (EE) programme, Self-watering Bottled Planter and micro:bit. The theme was 'Every Drop Counts'. They shared on how to save water by using an innovative creation, The Self-Watering Bottled Planter. Well done to the Fuhua Gems for sharing our knowledge to benefit the community (see picture below):


Mrs Santi Maran, Head of Department for Science

Mrs Shirley Koh, Subject Head for Environment Education

Chow Yew Kin (P5 Hope)

Zhang Yi Han (P5 Hope)

Janelle Kee (P5 Trust)

Poh Sze Ching (P5 Trust)

Saravanan Meyyappan (P5 Trust), who presented a water droplet to our President.

Modern Fencing Minime International

On 11th February 2018, Azzahra Binte Mursed from P3 Diligence emerged top 3 in the girls’ category in the Modern Fencing Minime International. She fenced against fencers from other countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, France and Germany.

West Zone Primary Schools Badminton Championship 2018

Our senior boys have finished among the top  eight in the West Zone Primary Schools Badminton Championship 2018. It was a commendable performance.

Arinthum Ariyaamalum Educational Show

Organised by Silver Screen International Pte Ltd, Vijayakumar Shivani from P4 Diligence and S M Fazeela Mehnaz from P3 Hope were selected in an audition to participate in the Arinthum Ariyaamalum Educational Show which will be aired on the MediaCorp Vasantham channel.