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Networking for School (N4S)

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FHPS’ Parents Support Group was established in 1999. Our Friends of Fuhua has played a pivotal role in engaging our existing parents in various school programmes which strengthen ties with the school.
FHPS’ PSG supports the Character Development programmes as well as student learning programmes, adding value to the pupils’ learning in the cognitive, social and moral domains. (E.g. the Primary One Orientation, school functions such as the ShInE@ Fuhua, celebrations, GEMsMarket, Young Towkay activities and Fieldwork in Social Studies.)
Fuhua PSG members are the role models for all our parents through their involvement in the school programmes and events, their exemplary work with the teachers and staff of the school sends a strong signal to the all our pupils that parents are valued partners in their education and  thereby leading to stronger bonds forged within the family. With that, we want to reach out to all parents, we welcome your involvement in your child's education. Do come forward and join us, you can leave your contact with our office staff or email to our PSG Chairperson, Mrs Jenny Goh (jennygoh56@yahoo.com.sg) your Name & Contact Details. She will get in contact with you soon. Alternatively, you can also email the FHPS PSG Commitee  to join the Fuhuapsg yahoo group (email address: fuhuapsg@yahoogroups.com

Parent Volunteer Form: Sign-up to help out in our school programmes!

PSG Exco Team


garden.jpgStaff, parents and pupils participated in the event to attempt to break the Singapore Book of Records of the Largest Garden Made of Recycled Materials. This is a collaboration with SouthWest CDC and Dairy Farm Singapore, held on the 21st of July 2013, at Jurong East.


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2013 Activities Update

The Fuhua PSG, supported by the School Family Education, organised a "Parent-Child Bonding Thru Roller Blading" workshop on 2 Mar 12. The response was excellent with 90 pairs of parent & child participants and everyone had a wonderful time of fun and bonding.  It was amazing that after the three-hour workshop, many could skate confidently. Good feedback from parents, they were surprised that they could learn to skate within the short few hours and many expressed their appreciations that they have forged a better bond with their child through learning to blade together.
Exercising is a fabulous start to the day. And learning as a family, irrespective of age, is an eye-opener for all!