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Dance - Malay


·       To ensure that every child is a Gracious Arts Connoisseur who appreciates the rich Malay cultural heritage and beliefs.

·       To promote appreciation and awareness of the Malay culture and practices through exhibition and exposition of Malay Dance


·       Members are expose in traditional Malay Dance namely inang, zapin, joget and asli

·       Members  are given opportunity by performing and showcasing their talent

·       Pupils are expose to  national competitions such as Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)

·       Pupils are opportunity to perform for school-based events such as Hari Raya Concert, Chinese New Year Concert and Racial Harmony Day Concert. 

Schedule: Every Tuesday, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

CCA Suspension Term 2, Week 7 - Week 9 for SA1

Duration: 2 hours / Session

Venue: Level 1, Health & Fitness Room

Teachers-In-Charge: Miss Amirah

Coach/Instructor: Miss Siti Asmida

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