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We are pleased to share with you our school’s achievements in 2017. We would like to congratulate our teachers, staff and students who have contributed to the achievements and made us all proud. We welcome your feedback and contribution of content, photographs and videos to this sharing.

National Primary School Photography Competition

Our Primary 6 student, Nur Aliyah Umaira from the Info Club emerged as the champion of the 7th National Primary School Photography Competition:

The “National Primary School Photography Competitionwas organised by our school on 25th July 17. In line with the theme ‘Urban is the New Green’, student participants were given the freedom to select the location to capture images that bring out their interpretation on how greenery is thriving in our modern city. We also introduced “The Budding Photographers” to recognise the effort of amateur photographers among our students and to motivate them to pursue their passion in photography.

The Little Honey Bee (小蜜蜂) @FHPS

On 19th August 17, our school published “The Little Honey Bee (小蜜蜂) @FHPS” an integrated e-platform to showcase students’ work, including writings, books journals, interviews etc. to other students and parents. Its website https://tinyurl.com/fhpsbee  includes four main domains -journals, interviews, reads and asks. The journals publish stories, books journals and other writings from students in Fuhua Primary School twice every term. Voice recordings of the student authors are embedded as a digital copy so that students can read and also listen to the stories. The Little Honey Bee was presented at the Mother Tongue Language Symposium 2017 in Suntec City on 19th August 2017 and at the World Books Day 2017 held at the Nanyang Girls' School on 8th April 2017.

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017 Art Exhibition

We have done very well for this year’s SYF Art Exhibition. Two of our pupils’ entries are selected for the on-site exhibition at “SCAPE, The Ground Theatre” from 6-16th July 2017:

“Spaces through our Scopes” by our Primary 3 & Primary 4 Art Club members.

“We Need Space!” from our P2 Budding Artist Programme.

We are also proud to announce that “We Need Space!” was selected to be exhibited in the National Gallery at the Keppel Educational Centre for one year, after the SYF Art Exhibition.

The SYF Art Exhibition, as part of the Art curriculum, facilitates dialogues on ideas, inspirations and art processes among student artists and audience in the schools and community, with the aim of nurturing students to be effective communicators and self-directed learners.

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE)

Our congratulations to Basirah Bte Mohamad Akhbar on receiving the inaugural “The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE)” on 17th August 2017. The LKY-ARE is a national level award for achievement in education. It recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify the qualities articulated in our desired outcomes of education. It was presented to Secondary School students since 2005. To encourage and recognise the efforts and achievements of students at the early stage of their education journey, the LKY ARE was extended to Primary School students for the first time in 2017.

The Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award (LKY-ESA)

Our Student Alumni, Luo Mang received “The Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award (LKY-ESA)” on 17th August 2017. She was a Fuhua Gem who graduated from our School and is currently with Eden School. The Lee Kuan Yew Exemplary Student Award (LKY-ESA) honours students in Special Education (SPED) schools who have risen above their inherent disabilities and challenges to motivate and inspire their peers. It recognises and affirms students with special needs who are role models of learning, dedication, perseverance and courage in areas such as academic, vocational, sports and arts as well as service to the community.

Gold Award for the Green Schools@South West CDC

Fuhua Primary School received the Sustained Gold Award for the Green Schools@South West CDC. The sustained achievement award is given to schools that have attained their 3rd Gold Award over the years with Green Schools @ South West programme.

National Creative Writing Competition using LEGO

Three of our students, Syan Azfar Bin Sherfoel Herman (5 Respect), Nada Yumnisyarah Binte Kamal (5 Diligence) and Mysha Ariyana Binte Azmi (5 Care) took part in the National Creative Writing Competition using LEGO and achieved 4th position. The competition was held on 12th August 2017.

2017 Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition

Through hard-work, effort and creativity, Wan Yun Huan (6 Care) emerged as one of the 40 winners of 2017 Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition organised by CIVICA eBook competition on 8th August 2017. Her story will be published.

Creative Writing Camp

On 14th August 2017, Ryan Chia (5 Respect) was selected for annual Creative Writing Camp from 4th to 6th September 2017. Organised by Gifted Education Branch, MOE, the aim of the camp is to nurture young writers by offering them guidance in the art of creative writing.

Live performance at Esplanade’s "Soundwave"

Our students have done us proud, performing at an outdoor music concert held at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 2nd July 2017. Our FHPS Gems spent 4 Saturdays over the June holidays being mentored by Sambiesta. Watching them grooving and enjoying themselves have made this journey worthwhile to all teachers-in-charge. Catch their performance recording at https://www.facebook.com/moesingapore/videos/10156255210007004/.

Excellence-in-Action (EIA) 2017 Sharing by The Principal at Nanyang Junior College On SMART Partnership

The annual Excellence-in-Action (EIA) event was held on 9th November 17 to promote the sharing and learning of good practices among schools. A total of fourteen schools, including our school, shared their good practices in School Excellence Model (SEM)-related areas. In line with this year’s theme of “Learning and Growing through an Abundance Mindset”, our School Principal Mr Phua Kia Wang, was one of the two schools invited to give a presentation in the Opening Segment, on “SMART Partnership”.

Innergy Awards (Schools) at 6th International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT) Conference 2018

Our team of teachers comprising Mdm Qin Mi, Ms Ge Yan, Mdm Tian Yuan, Ms Lee Xiao Tian, Mdm Wu Juan Juan, Ms Lauren Teo Ruolan won the Innergy Awards (Schools) which will be presented at the 6th iCTLT Conference in May 2018. MOE administers the annual Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Awards to recognise project teams and individuals who brought about significant benefits to stakeholders through their innovation efforts.

School Digital Media Awards (SDMA)

Our school was awarded the SDMA Silver award on 9th November 2017. The SDMA is organised by the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education.  

MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA)

21 students were awarded the MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA) in 2017:


Name of Students

Class in 2017


Mysha Woon Binte Razali

1 Respect


Guo Zucheng

1 Care


Eng Keng Jui, Roxas

2 Loyalty


Azzahra Binte Mursed

2 Diligence


Tan Xianglin

3 Loyalty


Ang Ian

3 Trust


Faith Thng Jia Yi

4 Care


Chee Hui Xin Cassandra

4 Diligence


Koh Rui En

4 Respect


Tay Ai Ping Viola  

5 Diligence


Rifqah Mawaddah

5 Respect


Nur Asyazuwani Binte Roselee

5 Care


Angus Aw Gek Leng

5 Loyalty


Vallimuthu Rishikesh

5 Hope


Muhammad Danish Bin Muhammad Dzulqur'ain

6 Joy


Timothy Poo En Le

6 Trust


Chin Zi Yang

6 Hope


Athirah Binti Alias

6 Respect


Ho Si Hui Roxanne

6 Trust


Tan Lun An, Samuel

6 Joy


Tham Chui Lin Aleena

6 Care

Malay Language Song Dramatization Competition

Our student, Rifqah Mawaddah Binte Mazlan from Primary 5 Respect took part and emerged as overall champion in the Malay Language Song Dramatization Competition held on 12th September 2017:

A person standing posing for the camera  Description generated with very high confidence        

West Coast Xiangqi Competition

Shuhan, Yang of Primary 3 Trust achieved a Gold award (Under 9 category) and Sumi, Lin Zi Qing of Primary 2 Joy achieved a Bronze award (Under 9 category) in the recent West Coast Xiangqi Competition held at the Intergenerational Xiangqi Carnival 2017 on 5th November 2017. The competition was organized by West Coast Community Centre Senior Citizens’ Executive Committee and co-organized by Youth Xiangqi Culture and Mind Sport Committee.

Here is our Shuhan, Yang receiving his Gold award:

C:\Users\S1820551C\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Shuhan Xiangqi.jpg

Tamil Language Story-telling Competition

Vijayakumar Shivani from Primary 3 Loyalty and Vallavaraj Haretha from Primary 2 Respect took part in a Story-telling Competition organised by Bukit Batok CC. They won the consolation prizes in this competition. The aim of the competition is to develop the passion for the Tamil Language in young children.  Almost 200 children from all over Singapore participated in this competition.